WeGraphics is a creative studio specialized into the creation of graphic design resources. In case you haven’t met them yet we have gathered below some amazing textures that they are giving away for free. They are creating all sorts of ready-to-use graphic design resources so feel free to surf around their website.

12 high-res paper textures

This is a new freebie for you: a set of 12 high resolution paper textures. These are really useful, both for web and graphic works. So add them to your textures collection!



Light Effect Brushes + Textures Vol 1

These are perfect if you want to give vividness to your images. They have been created simply using a match and my old camera.



Spray Paint Textures Vol1

Each texture is in high resolution (3700×5000 pixels and around 10 MB), so they are perfect for printing. Just a tip: if you resize a lot one of these textures (maybe you want fill a 800×800 pixels background), use the sharpen filter, and all details will be enhanced.



Free Web Backgrounds

This set includes 8 seamless web backgrounds. The download contains a Photoshop .PAT file and example .PSD files.



Free Rusted Steel Texture Pack

Nothing makes a great grunge texture like rusted steel. Download and enjoy this free set of 5 rusty textures.



Circuit Boards

Here is a unique set of circuit board textures available for free! These images are in high resolution, perfect for high tech backgrounds and poster designs. Enjoy them!



Dark Wooden Textures

Here are 6 free high-resolution (A4) wooden textures! Use them to enhance your digital works! You can easily obtain great results by playing with blending modes in Photoshop.



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