Music Media, From Vinyl To Bitstreams [INFOGRAPHIC]

Selling music beyond first became possible in 1877 with the introduction of the phonograph cylinder. Since then media formats have developed and radically changed the way we listen, and recently even where we can listen to music. We have looked at the last 30 years of music format development and popularity in the infographic below. Find the embedcode for this […]

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Revenue Wars: iOS vs Android [Infographic]

It’s billed as the battle of the century, at least as far as app developers are concerned; which has better ROI, Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android? Consumers are split: Apple have the single largest market share, Google have numerous manufacturers on their side; iOS dominates North America, Android wins out in Europe. If you’re targeting mobile devices, then ideally you […]

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Graphics Design and Marketing

It’s no secret that the future of marketing and advertising has been inadvertently switched from physical to digital. Everything effectively advertised is either on TV or in social media sites and the burden on improved and enticing graphics design falls on the shoulders of brilliant web design artists and programmers. In the German market of programmers and web designing, […]

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Education for web designers: formal degree vs. self taught

For many web design professionals, there was no option but to be self taught. Years ago, the academic qualifications simply didn’t exist. Sure, you could study design, but you’d be left to learn the technology by yourself. You could take an I.T. course, but you’d be lacking design skills.

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Moviepilot’s Most Anticipated Superhero Movie Infographic

Here’s a cool infographic discussing the most anticipated superhero movie. Click here to view full size image.

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Who’s Sharing What – The State of Social Sharing in 2013

Here’s a cool infographic discussing the latest trends in social sharing: the ecosystem gets busier and busier, and now everybody seems to share (and overshare) stuff all day within their social graph. Click here to view full size image.

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Serif vs Sans: The Final Battle [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s a neat infographic, published by, that explains the differences between serif and sans serif fonts. You’ll learn when to use one over the other as well as examples and web usages.

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The Made in Japan Project: Reimagining Famous Web Logos

Canon AE-1, Nikon FTn, Ashai Pentax ESII, Minolta XG-1, These cameras are some of the Japanese 35mm SLR cameras from the Vintage 70’s/80’s “the Made in Japan Era”, when Japan set the global standard of producing quality. When we take a look at the vintage 35 mm cameras, we notice that, almost, all of these brands use the same style […]

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Best Responsive WordPress Themes of 2012

In this post, we’ve picked some of the best responsive WordPress themes released in 2012 that maybe you haven’t seen yet. No matter what you are using WordPress for, you’ll find some themes below that will work for you. Responsive design will be the “theme” of 2013 for WordPress Themes so be sure you are ready to provide your visitors […]

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Modern WordPress Themes

High-quality WordPress themes always come in handy whether you use them as they are or you build customized designs upon them. Most of the modern WordPress themes include sophisticated administration features, allowing you to fully control the layout and design of your website. Today’s post is a roundup of ultra-clean and modern WordPress themes, enjoy …

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