It’s no secret that the future of marketing and advertising has been inadvertently switched from physical to digital. Everything effectively advertised is either on TV or in social media sites and the burden on improved and enticing graphics design falls on the shoulders of brilliant web design artists and programmers. In the German market of programmers and web designing, your designs have to be unique and working flawlessly in order to attract clients.
Who would’ve guessed that newspaper ads and Sunday magazines would play second fiddle to online ads in a small portion on Facebook. Since this movement, websites have evolved to exceed both in functionality and looks. Depending on their role, websites are now designed to accommodate online visitors and keep them coming back for future transactions. For example, the ubiquitous nature of online poker sites makes it difficult for any one site to stand out. Gaming portals like Zynga became popular because of its Facebook tie up and all of its browser games became an instant household name. Still other successful portals like relied on good sponsorship, increased site functionality and is user friendly to both poker beginners and masters. The site sponsors both Real Madrid and Manchester United under their affiliate company {Bwin} to spread its popularity initially among European countries like here in Germany. Its multilingual setting allows player from all around the world to participate and it launched its own Android app to accommodate players on the go. Pretty soon, marketing and graphics design would have to evolve once again to make room for the increased need for content viewable through mobile apps. Technology is evolving and it’s moving to more compact devices that does everything for the modern man. Once mobile devices become powerful and functional enough to replace desktop and laptop computers, we will see another big change. It’s hard to imagine that entire industries were spawned by the need to go digital. No one could have ever foreseen that education, the way we access information and how we interact with each other or manipulate the market by buying and selling would ever be controlled by search engines and entire movements fuelled by tweets and posts that increase (or decrease for that matter) awareness of what’s going on around us. Roles have been changed and computer programmers and graphics designers no longer just cater to games and leisurely activities online, their role now drives and fuels entire enterprises and businesses.
Change is necessary for growth and it’s the driving force of humanity as a whole. So the next time you admire a design and you linger over it, you’d be glad to know that it has done exactly what it’s supposed to do.

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