Flat design is not a new type of design or tool, as you might think. It already exists a while now, but it just wasn’t in the center of attention. New times call for new solutions, so flat is just the modern and contemporary way to graphic design. It’s much more simple, honest, easy to use and design.

Flat is dropping all unnecessary fake fonts and creates a user-friendly and functional User Interface design. The dimensionality, extra details and visual cues are removed an instead it brings clarity, simplicity and honesty of materials in User Interface. Basically flat gave up complicated visual aspects such as shadows, textures and dimension and brought into the equation a visual clear communication for web design. If you’re wondering who uses flat, just take a look at Google Now or Windows 8. Both use a simple interface with a card-like system in standard sizes, which are very easy to read.

We have gathered for you some great flat User Interface examples, which are free and just waiting for you to use them. So just take a look, we’re sure they gonna give you the right swing.


Flat UI Kit



Minimal iPhone5 Template



Flat UI Blog



Flat UI Release



iPhone/iPad Flat



Flat Devices



Square UI Kit




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