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We entered this community of talented graphic designers, web designers, illustrators and all sort of graphic crafting, to find the artists with the right Swing. In this large variety of artists, the ones we’ll feature today are experts in icons.
Icons are the basic requirement of any web related project and good icons are like a treasure for web designers. This simple tools can make an important difference, if they are right chosen or customized. But instead of creating icon sets from scratch, which can be very time consuming, why not use icons that have already been created for you.

To bring some light and inspiration, here are some various icons for all tastes. Check them out and choose the best icons for your site.


Spring Leaf Icon Set


Wooden Orb Social Icons


Various Icons


Admin Icons


Icon Set


Social Icons


Files Icon (Left or Right?)


Icons Edit


Superhero Logo Icon Set


Mini Icons


Vector Icons




Premium Pixel Icon Set


Video Icon



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