Here is a collection of some of our favorite graphic design elements that give off a handmade and sometimes vintage vibe. These are good references if you are creating a new shop for your handmade goodies.

Mid-Century Print Pack



“Like having a 1950’s print shop in your computer!”


Eighty One Typeface




Inspired in the Hand-Lettering. Eighty One is a ideal display font for creating a “Hand-drawn Atmosphere” to your texts and designs.

TexturePress – Ink Stamp Effects



TexturePress uses Photoshop smart layers (smart objects), so all you have to do is paste your compound artwork in to the smart layer, save and you’re done.


The Tropica Vector Pack



These vectors work beautifully for wedding invites, beach parties, stationary, save the date cards, etc. Use these elements in any project, personal or commercial. Just make sure to read the SimpleLicense agreement and don’t re-sell these as your own.


Kyle’s SCREENTONE Brushes



Comic book artists, graphic designers and illustrators in all industries will find many uses for this collection of unique brushes.


Flexiletto Typeface

Felxiletto 1

Felxiletto 2


Adorn Garland


Adorn Garland is a script face that runs along a different, and somewhat “vintage” direction. Beautifulas it is, it works as more of a textural element than a headliner, a supporting actor rather than the leading role—though designers can make much of it on its own if they choose. It’s not the bold statement; it’s the subheading, the afterword, the reminder: “Wedding reception to follow.” With its slow, and gently deliberate style, and long entry and exit swashes, it can function as a long string, rule, or dividing line.

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