As technology and programming improve, websites just get better and better. Unfortunately, that also means consumers start accessing the Web from more and more devices; smartphones, tablets, TVs: if your website isn’t built with a responsive template, chances are it’ll look awful everywhere except on your computer. In many cases, it may not even load fully.

Thankfully, this Mighty Deal offers not one, but 10 responsive HTML web templates from Flashmint. Even better, each template is just a single robust page, meaning it’s quick to load and the unique design gives consumers everything they need on a single page.

Take a look at the templates included in this bundle:






Web Template Highlights:

  • Responsive Templates
    With a responsive design, any of the 10 templates you install on your website will resize to work across multiple platforms including computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, tablets, smartphones, and more.
  • Single Page Design
    All of your content will be placed on one page, meaning a visitor just needs to call up various sections of your site through a simple navigation menu.
  • Super Speed
    Since your site is completely contained in just one page, your site will load in no time at all. A speedy site means a happy user.
  • jQuery Enhanced
    Through the powerful skills of jQuery, you can take advantage of some really slick features including a prettyphoto lightbox, contact forms, sortable portfolio, and more.
  • Slick Interactions
    With CSS3 effects, you can impress your users with a variety of bells and whistles as they navigate your site.
  • Responsive Slider
    Sliders are a great way to show off a number of images in a small, rotating space. But when you try looking on a cellphone or laptop, the sliders usually don’t work or break out of the templates. Not with these built-in responsive sliders, they won’t!
  • Extras
    Plenty of other features are included such as Google Web Fonts, Google Maps integration, video support, and more!
  • Search Engine Optimized
    No need to worry about SEO, as each template includes an optimization feature to help search engines find your site.
  • Customizable
    All original PSD files are included, so you can customize the look and feel any way you see fit.


This bundle of 10 responsive templates normally sells for a whopping $300, but for a limited time only, all 10 can be yours for just $17, that’s an incredible 94% discount!

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